What happens if you believe someone (say a sibling) used undue influence on an aging parent to get them to amend their trust? Let’s say the trust originally split everything evenly between you and your sibling, but now your parent is experiencing dementia and your sibling has hired an attorney and coerced your parent to […]
Let’s say your mother has a trust that includes stocks that were your father’s. Possibly the stocks started as an employee purchase and were touched only two or three times over the years. Your mother receives a quarterly dividend from the stock, typically half in cash and half to the stock growth. So, what would the tax consequences be if this stock is left upon her death to be split among her three surviving children? Would it be better to start cashing the stock before she passes and put it in a trust account for her needs?
According to a recent article from CNBC one of the great dilemmas facing most retirees is paying for the costs of long-term care. As the CNBC article, written by reporter Sarah O’Brien, points out, part of what makes this such a troubling issue for today’s seniors is that no one can say for certain who […]
Maybe it’s time to get serious about a major “redesign of life.” Thirty years were added to average life expectancy in the 20th century, and rather than imagine the scores of ways we could use these years to improve our quality of life, many just have a longer ‘elderly’ life. As a result, many are […]
No matter what your age or how much money you have, consider getting these items into place: A financial power of attorney, naming the person who will make money decisions for you if you can’t A health-care power of attorney, naming the person who will make health-care decisions for you if you can’t A living […]